Useful advice on how to write cause and effect essays

Of all essay types, cause and effect are some of the most famous. Most essays wind up being of this form, after all, because the why so is interesting. Of course, something happens, but we want to know why it happens, humans are built this way. Therefore, we write cause and effect essays. There are many different ways to approach such an essay, and there is a lot of useful advice out there that might help you out.

The easiest way to select a topic for a cause and effect essay is to start with the effect. This is for many reasons, but mostly you cannot look at a thing and see what effects it had, as you are often observing the effects first. So to find a good topic, just find something in the world that is of interest to you, and ask why that thing is. The why, that is the central question of a cause and effect essay, what sort of thing make the effect happen?

When you write an essay this way, you must be aware that many causes have multiple effects, and many effects have multiple causes. This should be a relationship that you explore throughout your essay. Find what other side effects are going on, and see about echo effects. After all, the effect that your cause causes might in fact be a cause for some other effect, and so on. Try not to get too lost in this chain, but do keep this in mind, this way you can explore the relationship between two events fully. After all, few interesting effects have just one cause.

Due to the nature of this type of essay, many cause and effect essays may be political in nature. This always causes strong emotions, so emotional arguments can also be useful, one-way or another. Humans are emotional creatures, and we need them to understand the world. So by engaging the with reader's emotions, you can help them come to a greater understanding of the cause and effect that you are trying to portray. Note that it does not matter too much what kind of emotion you are bringing out, it really matters that you engage it as much as possible when appropriate.