Looking for Strong Examples to Help You Write an Academic Essay

There are several ways to find good academic essays that you may use as examples. Some of them are free, while others may require you to pay a little.

University Databases

Your university library may have a database where lots of academic essays are stored. In some cases, you can even see what mark these essays received. As all these papers were previously submitted to your university and were accepted, you can be rest assured that their formatting is proper. For the same reason, you may find the sources listed in the reference section useful and accessible. However, you should take great care not to repeat exact wordings from these essays. Even if you do it accidentally, it may be discovered and penalized as plagiarism.

Friend’s Advice

Your classmates or older students have probably once encountered the same problem with finding proper essay samples, and have solved it in one way or another. Survey people you truth so that they recommend a reliable online resource, or warn you against using one they had bad experiences with. A good friend may even show you their own paper.

Free Web Resources

A search engine will give you a long list of websites that offer sample academic essays for free. However, no one can guarantee that those are examples of real essays, that their structure and formatting are accurate, or that they have not been plagiarized or otherwise stolen from their original authors.

Meanwhile, there is always a chance to find a relevant example for free. If you decide to use this method, focus on the main ideas of sample essays rather than their formatting or other details. Try to read as many as you can. Regard them as an inspiration pool for shaping your own idea, but nothing more. Copying any fragments from the essays you find online will result in penalties for plagiarism.

Paid Online Databases

Resources where you have to pay for access to their database of essays are generally considered more reliable. However, the very fact that they charge money is not necessarily a sign of high quality. You will have to do a bit of your own research to determine whether this website is trustworthy.

Writing Services

Some writing services and aspiring research writers make samples of their work available for free. As a rule, these essays are properly formatted and have good styles. You can use them as examples and sources of inspiration, with the same restrictions that apply in other cases.