A List Of College Level Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

In college, you will be expected to become familiar with a wide variety of essay genres. Compare and contrast essay assignments are popular with college instructors. In some cases, a subject may be given to you along with the instructions for the paper. In other cases, your course supervisor will expect you to come up with a topic on your own.

This is not a difficult task. There are many subjects that work well when you need to compose a compare and contrast essay. You will in fact need two topics, and your essay will examine the similarities and differences between the two subjects, ideas or issues that you choose. It is important to try and find two subjects that have some things in common, but also some unique characteristics.

It is tough to compare apples with apples, as they are basically the same. But comparing apples with oranges would work well. They are both fruit (a shared feature), but they have different colours, textures, tastes and so on.

We have a list of some ideas that we hope will set you on your way to winning a top grade when you receive your next compare and contrast essay assignment.

Political Movements, Ideology, Revolutions And Wars

Compare and contrast the ideas and philosophy behind socialism and communism. Or you could choose to focus on one or the other, and provide case studies as the basis for your comparisons. For example, communism in Russia, and the communist regime in Cuba. What policies were the same, and which are different? How effective were the decisions that the government made on each nation's economy?

High Tech Gadgets And Advancements

The battle between Apple and Microsoft seems to go on forever. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each company, and the operating systems that they have developed?

Compare the various features and apps that are included when you purchase an ipod as opposed to an iphone.

Famous (And Infamous!) People

What do Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria have in common? And what do you think their major differences are? Or examine the impact that Bono has had when compared to John Lennon. Most people would agree that both artists have made more than just a musical impact on youth. But they have perhaps contributed in different ways, and with different ends in mind.