The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

The play though starting as peaceful culminates in tragedies of some actors. The first two Acts show the play as being a comedy, but the comedy turns into a tragedy in Act 3 scene 1 when Mercutio dies. In fact, we have two deaths at the same time because Romeo’s outrageous act results in Tybalt’s death. Tybalt had killed Mercutio. Romeo then flees from the scene following the Prince declaration of his banishment from Verona. These tragedies, however, happen after Friar Lawrence had let Romeo and Juliet marry in secret. Lawrence also arranges for the couple to meet before Romeo could leave for Mantua.

When morning came, the young lovers bid farewell uncertain of when they would meet again. The marriage between Romeo and Juliet remains a secret and Juliet’s father deeply affected by the events that had happened just wanted her daughter married to Paris as soon as possible. Juliet could not disclose their secret marriage. The Nurse tells her to forget Romeo and marry Paris, but Juliet does not agree to the suggestion. She visited Friar Lawrence who thought of a plan to reunite the couple in Mantua. The plan entailed Juliet drinking a potion the night before marriage to Paris. The drink would make her appear dead and after her burial, Romeo and Friar would come secretly and retrieve her. The night before her marriage, Juliet drinks the potion, which works as desired. When Juliet is buried, the message from Friar to Romeo explaining the plan does not reach Mantua. This happened because Friar John, the messenger, becomes confined to a house under quarantine. Therefore, Romeo only knows that Juliet was dead.

Romeo purchased a vial of poison and headed back to Verona. There is a fight between Romeo and Paris, who was scattering flowers on Juliet’s grave. The fight ends in the death of Paris, another tragedy. Romeo then drinks the poison. Immediately after these, Friar Lawrence arrives and discovers that Romeo has killed Paris and committed suicide. It is then that Juliet awakes only to find out that her beloved Romeo had died of poison. She kissed his poisoned lips, but when this did not kill her, she took Romeo’s dagger, buried in her chest and committed suicide falling upon Romeo’s lifeless body. This became the last tragedy that ushered the ending of the long-standing feud of the two families.