10 Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

One of the best things about compare and contrast essays is that they are incredibly easy tools for learning. Finding something difficult to memorize? Just draw up a chart or a compare and contrast paragraph and you will find yourself rattling off the facts in no time.

What should you do before writing a compare and contrast essay?

How to write a good compare and contrast essay?

10 Sample topics for compare and contrast essay:

  1. Compare the pros and cons of the Cold War.
  2. Compare the slave insurrection to the Revolutionary War.
  3. Compare Poverty to Paranoia.
  4. Compare the trend of reading traditional hardbound books to the practice of reading ebooks on gadgets.
  5. Compare the influence of celebrities on children to the influence of their parents.
  6. Compare life in the city to life in a village or country.
  7. Compare the various facets of going to a large college to attending a small community college.
  8. Compare outer beauty with inner one.
  9. Compare casual relationships with serious ones.
  10. Compare the nature of school bullies to that of dictators.

So, here they are: ten compare and contrast essay topics to make your horses start racing. Remember, these are not all that you should limit yourself to. The best compare and contrast essays are those that might be simple, but have incorporated into themselves a lot of insightful research and time.