Tips for Writing Proposal Essay Topics for College Students

Proposal essays can make or break a student’s bid to engage in a particular type of research. Choosing a topic is in effect choosing the research that you will devote the next few months or sometimes years into bringing to light as a result, you should focus on the following tips when searching for a topic:

Be relevant

If the topic that comes to mind matters to no one but yourself then you’re looking at something of so little relevance to the academic community that shooting you down would be a mercy.

Be Original

While it is perfectly valid to engage in research for the sole purpose of replicating someone else's results scientifically, you would be better off showing your ability to think creatively.

Be respectful

The world is full of topics that can raise eyebrows or crawl blood. These are cheap tricks though and as a budding academic you should strive to be above that. Don’t pick a topic just because it’s controversial

Be honest

In your proposal essay, you should not have to lie about how passionate you are about the topic. It should be natural to you because you may find yourself having to defend it and lacking zeal.

Bearing those tips at mind, consider these 10 essay topics and see if any appeal to you:

The topics listed above span various fields and can be dealt with in multiple ways. They do, however, follow most if not all of the given tips and can therefore be used as a good template for the creation of your own proposal essay topic if none of them suit you.