High School Essay – How to Choose an Interesting Topic

When it comes to writing essays in high school, one of the primary causes of procrastination is a lack of motivation or interest. Very frequently, high school students have no drive to complete their essay assignments because the topics available are dry or don’t capture their interest.

What this also means, of course, is that selecting an engaging topic is the key to writing quickly and effectively. In most English, Social Studies, and Science classes, students have some discretion over which topics they write about the majority of the time. If this is true for you, take advantage of the opportunity and select a topic that interest you. Writing will come much more swiftly this way. Here’s how to hone in on such a topic.

Take Stock Of Your Interests

Reflect a bit on which topics, subjects, and activities you find interesting, both inside and outside of school. Think very broadly and write down everything that comes to mind. What are you favorite subjects in school? What are you favorite sections in individual classes? What kinds of books do you like? What hobbies do you enjoy? What kinds of movies interest you? Don’t be afraid to include a wide variety of options. For example, if you enjoy science fiction movies, ask yourself what about the genre is so interesting. Are you interested in space? New technologies? Whatever the answer, write it down.

Read And Learn

Sometimes, it is easier to generate interest in an existing topic rather than find a topic you are already interested in. Try to find what is interesting about a given topic by conducting some of your own research. Do a quick search online, or locate some books or documentaries on the topic. Find a surprising fact or a humorous anecdote. There is something fascinating lurking in every topic imaginable!

Look At Past Performance

If you’re really stuck, look at previous topics you have covered in class or in projects for other courses. When you did a science project, what did you investigate? When you had to write a short story for a previous English class, what did you write about? Try to study your own past performance to get a sense of the topics that have previously interested and motivated you. Consider asking your parents for advice about what you used to find interesting as a kid. It is especially wise to choose a topic that you already know a great deal about, whether from a previous project or from your own innate interest -- this will make writing much easier, since you already have a lot of knowledge.