Online Personal Essay Services Are Too Expensive

Far too often, a frantic, desperate student will seek out essay writing help online, only to be driven away by the high costs associated with hiring a professional writer. The fees may seem unjustifiable, especially for a college student who is struggling already to make ends meet.

The fees associated with a custom writing service are, it’s true, quite extensive. Most writers charge a sizable hourly rate, or else change by word count, which can rapidly add up. Large scale writing projects often cost upwards of a hundred dollars, sometimes far more. However, if you are in the market for online writing help, you should consider such fees well worth it. There are many reasons that custom writing services charge so much for their services. Here are just a few of them.

Freelance Writers Are Educated

When you hire a custom essay writer, you are typically enlisting the help of a seasoned professional with an advanced degree and experience writing for numerous clients. This experience and education is pricey, and writers expect to be reimbursed in a manner consistent with their expertise and value. If you want a talented writer to compose your papers, you must be willing to shell out the money they are worth. Paying less will leave you with a writer who has limited experience, and who may even be a peer your age with no expertise in the subject area.

Freelance Writers Work Under Time Constraints

In most cases, students hire essay writing services shortly before their paper assignments are due. This is often true even for lengthy thesis and term paper assignments, which ideally should take weeks or even months to complete. Luckily for many desperate students, custom writing services can provide devoted, competent workers who can provide essays in relatively short time periods. However, asking a writer to work on your term paper nonstop for several days on end comes at a financial premium. The closer your deadline, the more you should expect to pay.

Freelance Writers Generate New Content

Before you become outraged at the cost of a custom essay or term paper, keep in mind that the text you are buying has been written from scratch, exactly to your specifications, and belongs to only you. If your essay writer were writing a piece of journalism or an essay meant for online, public consumption, they would probably be paid many hundreds of dollars for their efforts at the very least. Since you are the only one who gets to see or use your custom essay, you should expect to pay an elevated rate.