Essay Editing Services Online

Most people are competent at writing an essay; they just fall apart when it comes to editing their own work which can result in a poor grade. The content is there and the ideas may be brilliant, but the presentation, grammar and logical structure may need help. One of the best ways to overcome this issue is to use online essay editing services.

Why is it so hard to edit your own writing?

If you are the author, then editing your own work is difficult for a very simple reason – your brain wants you to be successful. When you are reading over your sentences, you will not catch missing words because your brain will fill in what is supposed to be there. You can use tricks like changing the font size or color to try and get around this, but the brain’s ability to project is astounding. The same applies to logical arguments, when we read we hear our voices and it is hard to distance ourselves from our background knowledge of a topic to see what we have left out. It is typically what we forget to put into an essay that is its downfall.

What they do

When you contract with an essay editing service they will take your file and pass it to one of their editors for review, correction and comment. These online essay editing services tend to charge depending on the time frame you want the essay returned to you, with the quicker turn around being the more expensive. Their editor reads and comments on your essay, attaching comment notes in the file and often using a color coded highlight system to note where you need to make corrections or add information. The editor may also pose questions to you in their notes to prompt you to clarify areas in your writing.

Will they do rewrites?

Generally, editing services do not do rewrites. They comment and offer constructive criticism but you are the one left to make the corrections where needed. If you also want to have them do the rewrite of the essay, you generally have to hire them for writing services as well. The two services are kept separate in the billing but can be part of the same account.