Professional Examples of How to Start an Essay


This type of essay tells a story from a particular viewpoint usually includes emotional and sensory details for the reader to experience. It has a plot (the focus), characters, setting and climax This type of essay is usually chronologically arranged as a timeline. Usually written in the first or third person.


Apparently looking for a new home was supposed to be fun. We had given the real estate agent our 'wish list', and so far it seemed that her interpretation of what we wanted bore no resemblance to ours. We felt that we had research the market, but she was just so pushy, obviously wanting to get a nice fat commission check! Then, just as we turned the next corner we saw what we felt was the most perfect house for us and, it was on sale - by the owner!.


This type of essay describes not just character traits of people but will describe in great detail objects and events. A feeling or article is not just simply stated e.g. 'The cat was asleep'. There would be more detail such as 'After a night of hunting, the big ginger cat, gently snoozed on the chair that afforded him the warmest and most cost position in the room'. Ideally this should be followed with a sentence that really makes the reader feel that they are in the room with the cat experiencing the cosy atmosphere.


This is all about comparing, contrasting and discussing issues concerning a report or an event. Most of all it is about offering explanations. This type of essay should be concise. The issues should be transparent.


This time of year always brings concern about flu and how it is spread. Did you know that over the course of two weeks, one person with flu will have infected over 200 people? Statistics have shown that typically one person passes on their virus to 2 people who in turn have passed their virus on to two people each (4) and and so the numbers double each day.....


The aim of this type of essay is to convince the reader of what is believed to be the truth. The writer has to substantiate their claims with evidence that includes expert opinion or statistics.


You would really be healthier if you threw out a lot of the medications that you have stashed away in your house. New research does not advocate that you throw out the medication that your doctor has prescribed you but it does suggest that you throw out off of your out of date medication as it can have an adverse effect on your health.