Writing Solutions: An Outline For An Illustration Essay

The illustration essay is a unique essay which requires you to use evidence to support a thought or point of view that you have. It is a very unique opportunity which allows you to illustrate why you believe something. If, for example, you recently finished studying a novel, you might be required to write an essay which explains your opinion of one of the characters. In this instance you are then required to come up with one statement pertaining to that character and then provide evidence as to why you believe that statement.

In order to craft the best illustration of a possible you need to have a coherent outline. The outline will cover each component required to this type of writing and will make sure that you have covered all of them adequately.

So what constitutes a good outline?

  1. The outline must first identify the elements that you were going to illustrate. You must have a definite idea as to what it is you were going to say and you have to be able to support that idea. You should consider three different keywords which explain the reasons that you believe something or don't believe something. These three words might make up the thesis statement.
  2. Your outline should then turn to the introductory paragraph. After you have the main idea you want to write it down in a sentence form within your outline. Beneath that you should include one additional paragraph about that main idea.
  3. Your outline should contain approximately two or three sentences which provide a general overview for the elements that you are going to illustrate in your paper. You should write two sentences which offer other reasons why people might have an opinion which is different from yours. By tackling the opposition in this particular instance you can come across as a much better writer and a much more authoritative figure on the subject. If you write or include a thesis statement you already wrote in this section you should also include your three key reasons why you believe that so that you can reiterate your counterarguments to the opposition.
  4. When you are crafting this outline you want to have one paragraph in support of each reason you presented for your thesis. Within the Outline you also want to sketch the quick sentence or two pertaining to the conclusion which might include a restatement of your thesis as well as a closing sentence.