Case Study Writing Hints: never use Jargon

When it comes to writing formal essays like case studies, term papers, and theses, there are a few rules that should not be broken. When students break these rules, they look like they do not know what they are doing as writers and the tend to receive lower grades than students who do follow the rules. You might be surprised by the simplicity of the rules. These are some of the basic rules that are often broken:

  1. Using jargon. This is one of the most important rules for any essay writer, especially for writers who are involved in crafting case studies. Jargon is the language that certain professions use; so, those who are not in the professions have no idea what those words mean. It is often called work slang. One type of jargon that most people are familiar with is the jargon used at a diner. If you write a case study that is full of jargon, no one but the people who are in the profession or degree program will understand it.
  2. Using text language. Text language makes any written piece look unprofessional and amateur. Text language includes using “U” or “CU” or writing in all lower case letters. Using text language in a formal piece of writing like a case study is even worse than using jargon.
  3. Missing basic grammar skills: When students in higher levels of education, like high school, college, and graduate school make mistakes with basic grammar skills, it discounts the work they did on these high level case studies. Missing basic capitalization and punctuation rules is not acceptable. If you know you have this problem, it is always a good idea to have someone edit everything you write before you submit it for grading.
  4. Trusting your word processor: Many students trust their word processing programs to deliver perfection. While there are many mistakes that word processing programs will catch, there are many more that are not caught or are marked as mistakes but are not mistakes at all.

When students overuse jargon, use any form of text language, and show a lack of basic grammar skills, students show their professors that they do not have capable writing skills. It immediately deters the professor from giving high marks and trusting what the paper says. When you get to level of education where your academic ability impacts your professional reputation, it is vital that you know how to follow basic writing rules.