Life of Rita Dove

There are remarkably few writers in the history of American Literature that have achieved the level of acknowledgment during their lives as Rita Dove. She is, by far, one of the most fruitful and accomplished writers in modern Americal history. Rita Dove was born in 1952, in Akron Ohio. After graduating from Miami University, she went on to study creative writing at the University of Iowa. After graduation, Rita Dove began her work as a poet and novelist. Throughout her career, she has won countless awards, including a Pulitzer award in 1987 for „Thomas and Beulah“, an interpretation of Oedipus set in pre-war United States.

During her career, Rita Dove published several collections of poetry, including „The Yellow House on the Corner“, „Museum“, „Thomas and Beulah“, „Mother Love“, „American Smooth“ and others, all of which received wide critic and public acclaim. In her work, Rita Dove tackled a wide array of themes, motives and voices. According to Braziel, Dove tries to show the universal nature of human beings, and with that tries to overcome the differences that divide us – race, gender, religion and nation. She successfully incorporates seemingly opposite motives – for example myth of Oedipus with pre-war United States, or members of Chinese ruling dynasty incorporated into the modern world. All of her motives, according to Rhigelato, are well thought of, and they are fit exceptionally well in her overall themes. From the very beginning of her writing career, Dove set out on a path to explore the unexplored, try the impossible and discover the undiscovered. Her poems stretch out across time and space, reaching out to those that are usually left behind, open new doors to enlightenment and human comprehension. However, beyond everything else, her poems, and work in general tend to approach the American culture, way of life and politics with a harsh criticism that is common in almost all left winged liberal authors in modern American history, starting from Hemingway onwards.

Rita Dove is one of the most productive and influential writers, both in the United States and internationally, her work has touched many difficult topics, which most writers avoid, including politics, sexuality, tradition and many more.