Natural Products and their Derivatives as Cardiovascular Agents

The natural products and their derivatives provide a number of health benefits in terms of cardiovascular health. Clinical and epidemiological studies have also proved that these nutrients can have significant influence in the inhibition of coronary heart diseases, at primary as well as secondary level.

Natural Products and their Derivatives

Cardiovascular friendly natural products have been divided into many classes. Flavonoids are a class of secondary metabolites which are widely distributed in plants. Many flavonoid cardiovascular agents have been identified such as tea, pulses and the citrus fruits like oranges. Similarly, many fatty acids, coffee, tea, wines, tomato based products and olive oil are known for their cardiovascular friendly nature. Many researchers and health care professionals recommend the supplementation of these products in populations where cardiovascular diseases are extremely prevalent.

Antiplatelet Activity of Natural Products and their Derivatives – to prevent Cardiovascular Events

The cardiovascular diseases are amongst the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. There are many underlying causes of cardiovascular diseases. Amongst these, atherothrombosis is a prominent one. The antiplatelet activity of natural products reduces the risk of thrombosis, thus decreasing cardiovascular problems. The platelet’s form the body’s natural defense system and originate in the bone marrow. They protect the body by responding to injuries and forming clots to prevent blood loss, particularly in the arteries. Thrombosis on the other hand is an exaggerated response to endothelial injuries which the antiplatelet activity seeks to prevent. By preventing thrombosis, such agents promote homeostasis or maintain the body’s natural environment. The natural products or their derivatives which have antiplatelet activity prevent blood cells from clotting together, thus reducing the chances of cardiovascular problems. The following diagram explains this process.


Natural products like chestnut or ginkgo have been in use since centuries as a remedy for heart problems. Recent advances in medical science show that natural products can play an important role in the body’s antiplatelet activity against cardiovascular problems. They can also be effective is treating or preventing the onset of numerous cardiovascular problems such as angina or the varicose vein syndrome. These natural are also not known to cause any side effects. Thus future research should be focused on developing effective and efficient drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases, with natural cardiovascular agents.