How to self-publish your own ebook

Self-publishing your own eBook can be a daunting task for anyone that has never undertaken the venture. However, if you have a story to tell and wish to reach the right audience, then self publishing an EBook may be the method for you.

When wondering about the EBook publishing process, one must begin by writing the actual book. Author Michael Hyatt suggests writing a first draft for yourself, a draft for review and a final draft for professional review.

Upon completion of your Ebook, it will need to be formatted for online use. If you are skilled in HTML and MS word then this task might be easy. However, professional services and programs like "Calibre" can be used as alternatives to formatting.

The next step is to design the cover; books are often judged by their cover. It is highly suggested by numerous authors that the cover is done professionally. Your book cover is important and must appeal to the audience; the cover could attract or deter readers from investing time in your work.

After the cover is designed, decide on the pricing of your book. According to A Newbie's Guide to Publishing, EBooks can be priced between $2.99 and $9.99, because services like Kindle will collect lower royalty fees, i.e. payment for usage, from the author. If the price increases, the royalty fees may increase according to where it's being published.

When considering pricing, one must also consider where the EBook will be published. Choose a platform; whether it's Smashwords (distributes to Barnes & Noble, Sony and Diesel), Kindle, Amazon or Kobo, decide which platform works best. Author David Gaughran explains on his blog, that some authors choose Amazon exclusively while others choose additional sites like Xinxii.

Lastly, consider how, where, and how much you will market and network your EBook. If you want people to read your book and to know about its existence, be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time explaining and "selling" your book. Be prepared to be active on social media, blogs and by word of mouth; be ready to tap into your extended network.

Writing, formatting, professional cover design, book pricing and even the platform that will sell your EBook, all need to be considered for the process of self publishing. Once you have all these areas covered, you will be all set to publish your EBook.