"What Were The Causes And Repercussions Of The French And Indian War?

The French and Indian war is also called by the name of “Seven Years’ War.” This war took place in what is present day Pittsburgh, USA. There are both causes and repercussions due to the actions of the English and French and their participation in the war. Each party felt entitled to land and each party was willing to fight and wage war in order to prove that they would be in fact the sole inhabitants of the region.

The war began as a dispute over land in the Ohio River Valley, as both French and English settlers had moved towards colonization of this region. English settlers had previously settled in Virginia, moving northwest into the region. French settlers were moving east from the Great Lakes area and south from Canada. George Washington was working with the English forces to remove the French from the region by force. The English ran into a French group at Uniontown, and the English massacred the French at the Battle of Jumonville. Washington setup a camp at Great Meadows and began constructing a fort, however the French and their 600 soldiers were able to overpower the English and gain control of the area.

The Treaty of Paris of 1763 marked the ending of the French and Indian war/Seven Years’ War. Consequences to the war included France and its removal as a party from the New World. The French were expelled to Canada and dispersed to smaller colonies. This war nearly doubled the size of Britain’s national debt, and the debt was attempted to be lightened by taxation on the colonies, but this attempt was met with great opposition. This opposition to British taxation in the colonies was the initial driving force for the American Revolutionary War. France was militarily defeated and the loss eventually led to the French Revolution, which began in 1789. For the native populations, the loss of French allies in the New World was a blow to their independence and their ability to stand against Britain.

The causes of the French and Indian war were based upon the goals of colonization of particular regions of the New World. The French had allied with the Native people, while the British moved to oust both the French and the Natives. This war left all sides at a loss of finances, although the British gained greater control.