Finding an Essay Outline Template Online

Using a template for an essay that you find on the internet is generally not a good idea; most of them will be poorly written at best, and stolen or plagiarised at worst. If you do want a template to work off of, use one that your teacher has provided, or if you have a past essay from another class that is similar, you might model this essay after that one. It isn’t necessary to have a template though, and you can get a great essay written by just using the traditional format of introduction paragraph, then 2-3 body paragraphs, and then your conclusion. This tried and true method works for almost every type of essay, particularly research papers and expository or argumentative essays.

How to Organize Your Essay Research

This is something that most students don’t pay enough attention to. A format or template for your essay itself is a good idea only if you have a good template to work from, but a method for your research will save you a lot of time. Here are some steps you can take to make your researching process smoother and faster:

When you attack your research project this way, it saves you both time and frustration. You’ll be able to get your essay written sooner, and not be up all night trying to figure out what to say next. It really does help to do much of the research up front, and only adding in small details afterward that you might not have known you needed until you started writing. Following these steps above will set you well on your way to writing a great essay in no time, and one that you can finish easily. Once you get you’re A+ remember to come back to this for your next essay.