Finding Some Help with Writing an Effect Essay

An effect essay follows the usual format for essay writing with an introduction and thesis sentence, the body of the essay consisting of three paragraphs each with an effect and a conclusion. If you need help with writing the effect essay ask friends or tutors to a brain storming session so you can decide the topic of your essay. Discuss the topic and get people’ reactions and decide on the topic. Write similar essays in your college library or online to get a feel for how you would like to write your essay.

The body o the essay should consist of three to four paragraphs.

The conclusion will summarize your argument and the points made which were begun by your thesis statement . Without repeating yourself go through the argument following it to its logical conclusion and with a sharp striking call to action affirm the conclusion of the essay and the justification for your thesis. An effect essay can bring you closer to your peers and tutor because you have asked for their points of view during the preparation for the essay and the initial brainstorming session. They will identify themselves as having participated in your preparation for the essay and being partners in your writing effort.