The Value of Literature

Literature is taught in every school across the world. It has amazing merits. Literature allows you to open a book and be transformed into another era, time, place or perspective. Literature can tell us about history, entertain us, and explain how things work. There is no end to the value of literature, it constantly expands our knowledge and imagination.

Literature can tell us about the ways of the past and the people of the past. We can learn about real life events and how these events affected people such as in Anne Frank, The Great Gatsby, or in War and Peace. We learn about history, politics, people, traditions, cultures, geographical characteristics, and the rulers of the time. A book about Russian Czars would tell us about Peter the Great, Catherine, and the tragic fall of Nicholas and Alexander. Even in fiction books written for entertainment such as The Time Keeper's Wife or Gold Finch, we can discover and learn about people and places. We can try not to make the same mistakes by reading about the past. Books tell us about the past, so we can improve our future.

Literature such as the Harry Potter series or books by Stephanie Meyer can take us away from our problems temporarily. They can be a pleasant escape. We can fall in love with the characters and laugh and cry with the characters. Readers can also find an author they love and consequently read all of the books by that author. We can attach to a character and read every book he or she is in. Books are an amazing source of entertainment.

Books can help us learn to do different things. We can learn to play the piano, make origami, or sew clothes. Do It Yourself books can show us how to make dinner and make a delicious chocolate cake for dessert. We can learn a wealth of information from books. A book on natural healing could explain the merits of plants, flowers, and essential oils. Books can teach us lesson and expand our knowledge.

Literature is like a friend--a friend who can educate us, who can entertain us, and can explain things to us. Books for education, pleasure, and instruction can show us so very much. We can look to books and literature for laughter, knowledge, and hours of fun. Books have immeasurable value and merit.