Coming Up With Interesting Technology Essay Ideas

Coming up with a topic for your essay can be one of the hardest parts of the process, especially if your teacher doesn’t assign one or give much guidance. But choosing a good topic is also very important because it can set you up for success with the rest of your paper, or make writing the paper much more frustrating than it needs to be. Choosing a good topic can be especially challenging with a subject like technology that is also changing and evolving.

Follow these easy steps and examples to come up with interesting technology essay ideas:

Choose a general topic area that interests you

Unless a general topic area has been assigned to you by your teacher, you’ll first need to pick a general topic area to research and write about. At this point it is okay for it to be a very broad subject, as you’ll be narrowing it down later on. There are two things to keep in mind while you are picking a broad topic: first, what is interesting to you? And second, what is relevant, important, or on the cutting edge of technology?

EXAMPLES: Solar energy, super computers, mobile phone technology

Ask a question about a specific topic within it

Once you have your general topic area, you’ll want to ask a question about it to narrow it down. It is better to ask how or why questions about it rather than what questions. This question will essentially be your research question, but at this point don’t worry about it being very concise or worded perfectly, you just want it to help you identify a particular aspect of your broad subject that you want to write about and analyze.

EXAMPLE: How is changing technology in silicon manufacturing changing solar energy generating efficiency?

Make sure it is a narrow or broad enough topic

Depending on how long your assigned paper is, you may need to either make your specific topic more broad or narrow to meet the required page count. And easy way to narrow a topic down is to restrict it to a certain geographic region or time period.

Do a quick search to make sure there are sources for it

Before you get any further with your topic you should do a quick search to make sure that there are adequate sources to write about it. If there aren’t, you may need to go back and tweak your topic.