Prompts For Writing 4 Types Of Essays

There are four major types of essays.

Finding writing prompts for each of these essays is reasonably easy. But the tricky part is making sure you know just which type of essay you are to write. In a nutshell the description is as follows.

In a narrative essay you are telling a story. In a descriptive essay you have a picture to paint. When writing an expository essay, you are stating simply the facts. And obviously with a persuasive essay you need to persuade somebody, to convince them that your case is correct. Each has its own particular characteristics and requirements. Make sure you know exactly which type of essay it is you are to write.

Writing prompts

These are ideas, suggestions, tips and activities which are designed to get your mind active and your imagination sparking. You'll hear people talk about the writer's block. They complain they can't think of what to write. Some people don't believe in writer's block and argue that if you know exactly what you have to write and the type of essay it is, all you then need is the right research.

Some people look upon their mind, the engine room of their writing, as a muscle. And as we all know the ‘use it or lose it’ principle applies to our muscles. If we fail to exercise our muscles they tend to grow flabby and not work or work well. The same can be said for our mind. If you are prepared to offer your mind a series of writing prompts, arguably you are exercising your brain. You are getting it into shape to write whatever it is you need to write.

Let the ideas flow

Sometimes the best way to develop information and ideas you need for writing a particular essay, is to have a brainstorming session. Here you take your word or a phrase which is related to the title topic of your essay, and you write as many words as possible which you can think of in relation to that word or phrase. You don't think about the spelling or the relevance all the possible future use. You simply write.

At the end of the session which could last for a minute or five or ten minutes, you go over the words you have written. Some, even many of them, could be the ideal trigger to get your mind firing on your particular essay.