How to Come Up with Good Topics for an Argument Essay

If you are writing an argument essay one of the first challenges you will face is coming up with good topics. How can you come up with a good topic? The first step is to find something that you love. When you care deeply about the topic for whatever reason you will find it much easier to go the extra mile in your research and write a thorough paper with multiple supporting arguments.

When you are writing an essay--no matter the style--it is important that you draw upon your personal observations and experiences. You might use examples from your personal life to show how or why you agree or disagree with certain principles. For example:

Once you have the topic you can start drafting an outline and a rough draft from that outline. You need to include:

  1. An introduction
  2. A body
  3. A conclusion

You need to use the introduction to present your thesis statement and the conclusion to wrap up the arguments you made in the body text. Avoid introducing a new topic in the conclusion. It is also helpful to consider your conclusion to be a paraphrasing in part of the introduction with a few more details added into the mix.

Remember to also include transitions between the paragraphs that allow the paper to flow. Let the reader know what is coming next. Once you have transitions down you need to write the conclusion. Never introduce a new topic in the conclusion. This is a big mistake that many students make. If you have another idea to introduce then put it in the appropriate section of the body. If it does not fit in the body then perhaps it should not be included. Whatever you do avoid putting it in the conclusion. Use the conclusion to re-state your original thesis and summarize the points and evidence you presented in the body of your text.