Persuasive Essay Writing Tutorial: What to Avoid

Writing a persuasive essay requires a lot of understanding of the subject matter. A persuasive essay is thus an art of writing that involves an individual’s conviction power towards a certain thing or idea. It is thus an essay that establishes one’s stand, opinions and ideas. It is thus used to persuade readers to give you a support on a particular topic or idea. This type of essay includes so much convincing as the writer has to give reasons as to why his readers should adopt his suggestion.

Writing a persuasive essay might be involving at times especially when dealing with a very sensitive subject. It thus calls for utter knowledge of any topic that you are planning to write on. Besides, taking time when choosing the topic is very important. This prepares you to face the subject with the required conviction power.

In spite of the above, many writers still find persuasive essays a hell of time. This is because they lack prior preparation before embarking on the actual writing. Therefore, whenever you plan on writing a persuasive essay on any topic take your time to understand the subject.

Outlined below are a number of things that writers should avoid when writing a persuasive essay.

Passing off opinions as factual statements

Just as aforementioned, persuasive essay is all about what a writer thinks. The writer gives their opinion about a certain subject after which they offer supporting points to convince the audience that whatever he is saying is true. This implies that in a persuasive essay, the subject revolves around personal opinions and not facts. Therefore avoid putting ideas as if they were facts.

Avoid using personal pronouns

Usually, it is advisable to tailor your essay in paragraphs which contain all the conviction required. However, pronouns such as us, you, me, me etc should not be used. Instead make use of transitional words as well as phrases. Personal pronouns brand the essay as if it is based on what you, we, I or me think. Your essay ought to offer supporting points on a subject affecting a large group though based on what a writer thinks.

Avoid attacking opposition

Many writers at times have very strong persuasive essays which do not lure people in to their direction. This is because the writer attacked their opposition. This has an effect of weakening your argument regardless of how sensible they might seem.

With the above in practice, you will come up with a very strong persuasive essay.