8 Prompts to Help You Succeed with Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are all about creativity. These types of essays allow you to express yourself in an honest and real way which you may not be able to in another type of essay. In some cases, narrative essays can also be great opportunities to show what you’re made of. Below are eight intriguing prompts to help get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to write a successful narrative essay.

  1. Describe your most memorable journey: This can be anything from a trip to a foreign country or a trip to the grocery store. So long as something struck out at you or something strange happened to make this a memorable moment for you. Thoroughly describe the events and talk about why you found the even significant; what was so memorable about it?
  2. Describe in vivid detail a catastrophic date: This is a fun prompt where you can describe in embarrassing detail one terrible date you have been on. What made it so terrible? How were you feeling in the moment?
  3. Describe an event in which you encountered your greatest fear: Talking about this sort of encounter can be a great exercise. It can also show how strong you are or how well you handle tough situations.
  4. Describe a dangerous experience through which you survived: Similar to the prompt about encountering your greatest fear, this one is a great way to catch the reader’s attention quickly and tell a story that represents strength and perseverance.
  5. Narrate two alternate versions of the same event: Telling two different versions of the same story is a fun and creative way to consider different possibilities. This can either be the real version of an even and the ideal or expected version or it can be two imagined versions or any combination you like.
  6. Explain what the best news you ever received was: Here is a creative way to think about one of the greatest or most life-changing moments you experienced from the perspective of how you got the news and how you felt upon receiving it.
  7. Describe your earliest memory: This is an interesting topic that is often overlooked. Going back to your earliest memory is like going back to where it all began.
  8. Write a letter to yourself as a child or yourself in the future: writing a letter to yourself is a creative way to reflect on your life choices; your accomplishments; your mistakes; and other significant events.