The Best Way To Organize An Essay: A Writing Manual

The pre-writing stage is the most ideal time to organize any paper, not during revision stage as most of us to think. A properly-contemplated-plan will save you the hassle of having an overwhelming task of reorganizing your work at completion of the first draft. It gives you more time to focus on the grammatical issues of the sentences during your writing. Let us have a look at some of the guidelines in the same:

Think about your essay genre

Clearly, every category of essay has its own unique structure and plan. For instance, the way you write a document study, laboratory report, a book review or a research paper are all different and unique from each other. Therefore, it is important for you to learn the different structures for specific forms of writing. This will give you a super easy time throughout your writing exercise. It will ensure that your structure does not contradict with the form of writing you are doing.

Writing pattern

Understanding an essay is really instrumental where an essay pattern is concerned. However, some college level essays are argumentative. Therefore, they tend not to take a specific pattern of writing. This is unlike most of the secondary school level essays that are of 3-paragraph pattern. This makes them relatively restrictive as they can only contain of an introduction, body and Conclusion by default.

Prepare an outline for your essay

An outline will hardly ever be handed in for marking. It is a personal script that should help you have a super easy time in organization of your essay. Following your draft of outline, it will be super easy for you to come up with a neat and well arranged essay. However, there are times that your lecturer may require you to submit your outline draft. This happens so that he can ensure you are doing the correct thing. This will save you the hassle of doing a wrong essay guided by the wrong format in your outline.

Make prior planning

It is always advisable to do your planning early enough. Ideally, a plan should be made before you can draft the outline. Definitely, that will necessitate a bit of research and evaluation of evidence long before you can begin planning. However, before you have a solid argument point in mind, it may be important to psychologically get prepared. This will prepare you to come up with one of the most ideally and neatly organized essays.