Disease Trends and the Delivery of Health Care Services

Disease trends keep changing with time. Many years back, people were more worried about infectious diseases like polio and mumps. Back then, health care providers focused more on vaccines and isolation as ways of controlling the diseases. Today, people are more worried about lifestyle and age related diseases. In the very way, the delivery of health care services has also changed. Disease trends, therefore, influence the delivery of health care services.

One will ask what determines disease trends. Factors like globalization and industrialization are major determinants of disease trends. Globalization has increased the degree at which people from different parts of the world interact. People keep travelling from one country to another, and along the way, they are likely to acquire or spread diseases that they otherwise, would not contract had they remained in their home countries.

Industrialization, on its end, has increased the need to have a modernized society. Modernization comes with an increased demand for manufactured goods, and services, and very busy lives. People are not eating healthy foods as they did in the past. Due to the busy schedules, many people do not have the time to exercise their bodies. Poor eating habits and insufficient exercise have led to lifestyle-related diseases and complications such as obesity, and diabetes. These diseases are now a major concern for health care services providers.

Disease trends and population demographics determine the delivery of health care services. Age, a demographic factor, increases the need for health care services. This explains why more nursing homes and homes for the elderly are being established every day. These establishments are set up to ensure that the aged get all medical attention that they need. As for the lifestyle related diseases, health care providers have now adopted a preventive approach to the delivery of health care services. People can prevent lifestyle-related diseases by checking on their eating habits, and regular exercising.

In conclusion, the current trend of diseases determines the approach that health care providers use to deliver health care services. As things are presently, age and lifestyle-related diseases/complications are major causes of concern. This explains why there is a lot of health awareness about healthy eating and general lifestyles. The disease trend is expected to change as time goes, and so will the delivery of health care services.